Howard Fineman's recent Newsweek article on Turkey

Howard Fineman wrote an article on Turkey in Newsweek on August 5, 2010.

Overall, it is a nice and insightful article. And as someone who is originally from Turkey, I also found it to be flattering...

Nevertheless, he did what many right-wing/neo-conservative pundits are doing these days: while acknowledging the humongous progress the party of Recep Tayyip Erdogan (AK Party), the current Turkish premier, made in the last seven or so years, they keep qualifying/blemishing their compliments by implying that Erdogan's party is (feared) to slowly change Turkey to an Islamic state.

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  1. Such ideas/fixations of these neo-cons are actually psychological repressions which numbs their anxiety due to gradual stabilization of middle east and eventual formation of a new collective rival whose residual strong force will be Islam. :)

  2. Ercan,

    I hope these neocons won't get a chance before they push us (again!?) to yet another war...They seem to be already beating the drums of war for Iran (see articles on the topic).


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