The Hermeneutic Necessity of Revelation

Photo by Klemen Vrankar on Unsplash.  

"God" and many other human concepts don't and can't fully fall under the powerful but LIMITED purview of science...

If one doesn't know the "big picture" or "purpose of life" one cannot reach a reliable judgement about God using the effective but parochial means of science.

Yes, one can invent their own "purpose of life," but will be clueless about a potential "absolute purpose of life." Hence a need for divine revelation to make sense of the big picture.

I am basically advancing what I will call a "hermeneutic necessity of revelation," which is the necessity of a top-down, "whole-picture" enlightenment to make sense of the "parts". This is because science is forever confined to shedding lights on some aspects of the "parts." Therefore, the science-based enlightenment will always be partial.

On the other hand, to assess the soundness of myriad religious (including revelation-based) claims, we need to use our innate intellect, logic, reason and also, if available, relevant empirically well-established science.


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