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The Aether problem of our age

According to the mainstream explanation, the dark matter is one hypothetical particle or another that interacts with itself either very weakly or not all, and that does not have any way of dumping its energy to other physical entities to form aggregates, and that bizarrely seems to interact with matter only gravitationally (weak interaction is not totally ruled out).  There is no stronger indication of a crisis of  historic proportions  in physics today than the twin problems of dark matter and dark energy.  In an effort to "explain away" the  increasing  number of associated problematic observations, mainstream cosmologists and astrophysicists are digging their heels either in the mire of the so-called Lambda-CDM model of the universe or in proposing yet more "aethereal" explanations. In my opinion, these problems have become the "aether problem" of our age. Here is the latest example of this game: The common plane of orbit of satellite galaxies around th