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Kelimeler 2

Bendenizin dusunup buldugu ilginc diller-arasi bezerlikler gosteren kelimelere devam... İngilizce T ürkçe Arapça/İbranice Sümerce Care Koru+mak Dawn Tan Flagellation Falaka Falaqah Buckle Bükül + mek Büklüm Over Ö bür (öteki taraf, karşı taraf) Avri/ivrim, ivriyyim, ibrim, ibriyyim, habiru, eber, heber (karşı-taraftan- gelen anlamında ki "İbrani" -Hebrew- kelimesi burdan geliyor) Oğul Ğulem/Golam Abide İbadet A’bada Crisis kawariz Mean(ing) Ma’na Maven Mubiyn/Mabhin Big (bug İskandinav. ) B ü yük Castle Kale Qala Augur Uğur Fowl Fol (yok ymrt yok) God H üda (Khoda Farsca, ikisi de Hint-Avrupa dil.e ait: normal) Adobe Edebi(yat) At-tuba (Edebi) Edubba (okuma-yazma'nın öğretildiği tablet- ev denilen "okul") Earth Ordu (campment) Bu Zecharia Sitchin'dan. Arz(Aretz) Hoard Ordu

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19 reasons as to why it was a Big Spin, not a Big Bang

For the details, please read my " Dark Energy and Dark matter as Inertial Effects " paper on

Big Spin, Not Big Bang!

My spacetime-rotation model of the universe (see my papers in arXiv and blog posts here) proposes, effectively, to replace Big Bang with a more "natural" Big Spin which, although its own origin needs to be dealt with, does capably unify,  and naturally and  physically explain many seemingly unrelated and confusing outstanding cosmological problems: the cosmic inflation, dark energy, dark matter, and the "mysterious" intrinsic spin (angular momentum) of elementary particles, and the physical meaning and origin of Hubble's constant and Planck's constant. Again, please see my original dark energy-dark matter papers on arXiv for details. Here I would like to share with you something very exciting that I came across very recently about one of the founding theoreticians of the Big Bang theory:  George Gamow. After I came up with my rotary model of the universe, without any prior knowledge of the literature, in October 2010, I learned from Wikipedia that Kur

What is the Origin of Intrinsic Quantum Spin?

Spin quantum number is the fourth parameter needed to uniquely describe the quantum state of a, say, fermion such as an electron. It was originally postulated by the brilliant, albeit caustic, Austrian physicist Wolfgang Pauli. Shortly afterwards some physicists interpreted it as self-rotation. Pauli himself was not happy with this interpretation because a quick calculation shows that such a mechanical supposition requires a superluminal rotation of the electron's "surface," which goes counter to the dictates of the special theory of relativity. So how is quantum spin explained then? Is there a physical model for it? The standard answer to these questions is that we are supposed to think of quantum spin as a two-valued intrinsic quantum degree of freedom, corresponding to an "intrinsic" angular momentum, with no classical analog . And the majority of physicists follow this catechism. But I don't! When self-rotation so neatly explains the two-valuedn

Western Media Awash in Disinformation and Hogwash about Turkey

As someone originally from Turkey (of Kurdish background) who follows the international news fairly closely, I have been particularly alarmed by the level of unfair and grossly inaccurate journalism vis-a-vis Turkey, post-Arab Spring. Here is a country that----under Erdogan's leadership----managed to turn its past economic and democratic dismal-self around remarkably in the last decade or so, and became, for the last couple of years, perhaps the most humanitarian of all governments, by allowing, and taking care of, some 3 million Syrian and Iraqi (Arabs, Kurds, Yezidis, Christians etc.) refugees  into its territory. But according to the most Western media, Turkey seems to be a horrible place where journalists are jailed and minorities are oppressed.  I urge you to investigate all these claims, looking at the arguments from both sides, not just the smug claims made by some in the Western media. For example, many of the journalists or people in question would face similar, if no