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Con Coughlin at It Again!

Reporter Con Coughlin wrote a piece on September 14, 2010, in the British Daily Telegraph alleging that the party of the Turkish premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan received $25 million from Iran. Coughlin provides absolutely no proof to support his claim. He just keeps invoking the ambiguous phrase “Western diplomats” as the “source” of his allegations. Continue reading>> Note: A version of this piece ran on Jim Lobe's blog and Islamicity's Iviews website.

Quantum mechanics: a bizarre theory

Since its inception in 1920s, quantum mechanics has puzzled the philosophically minded by its bizarre philosophical implications. That the debate as to the meaning of quantum mechanics is still going on is an indication of the fact that the dust raised over the world of science by this revolutionary theory of microscopic world at the beginning of the twentieth century is not yet settled. Continue reading >>

Kelimeler 1

Öteden beri kelimeler/isimler bana cok sey ifade eder. Her kelime/isim anlam yüklü bir sembol, ama tıpkı biyolojik organizmalar gibi kelimeler de bir değişim-dönüşüm kuvvetine maruz kalıyor. Farklı dillerde ki benzer/akraba veya “cognate” kelimeler bilinen bir olgu, bilhassa ayni dil aile grubuna ait olan dillerde. Ama çok farklı dil ailelerine ait lisanlarda da böyle kelimeler bulunabiliyor. Devamı >>

Turkey is crucial to a stable Middle East

First ran on Jim Lobe's blog . Up until the last few years, Turkey has been a democracy only in name. In reality, it has been a military-ruled regime since at least last five decades (there has been a military coup in Turkey almost every decade). Erdogan's government has been making strides in making Turkey more democratic and prosperous... Continue reading >> Reproduced with permission from

Howard Fineman's recent Newsweek article on Turkey

Howard Fineman wrote an article on Turkey in Newsweek on August 5, 2010. Overall, it is a nice and insightful article. And as someone who is originally from Turkey, I also found it to be flattering... Nevertheless, he did what many right-wing/neo-conservative pundits are doing these days: while acknowledging the humongous progress the party of Recep Tayyip Erdogan (AK Party), the current Turkish premier, made in the last seven or so years, they keep qualifying/blemishing their compliments by implying that Erdogan's party is (feared) to slowly change Turkey to an Islamic state. Continue reading >>

An Open Letter to Hamas to Pursue Nonviolent Struggle

Featured on  and . A humble attempt of the peace activists of the Gaza flotilla to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza succeeded what Hamas modus operandi could not have succeeded in a thousand years! Continue reading >> Reproduced with permission from