The Hermeneutic Necessity of Revelation

Photo by Klemen Vrankar on Unsplash .   "God" and many other human concepts don't and can't fully fall under the powerful but LIMITED purview of science... If one doesn't know the "big picture" or "purpose of life" one cannot reach a reliable judgement about God using the effective but parochial means of science. Yes, one can invent their own "purpose of life," but will be clueless about a potential "absolute purpose of life." Hence a need for divine revelation to make sense of the big picture. I am basically advancing what I will call a "hermeneutic necessity of revelation," which is the necessity of a top-down, "whole-picture" enlightenment to make sense of the "parts". This is because science is forever confined to shedding lights on some aspects of the "parts." Therefore, the science-based enlightenment will always be partial. On the other hand, to assess the soundness of myriad r

What Muslims, Jews and Christians Got Wrong about the Forbidden Tree and Demons

This is an extract from a recent book by Dr. Serkan Zorba titled The Forbidden Tree and the Jinn: A Modern Interpretation . Dr. Zorba is Professor of Physics in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Whittier College, Whittier, California, USA. In his book Man’s Place in Nature, the prominent European philosopher of the early 20th century Max Scheler laments the lack of having a unified idea of what man is as follows [1]:  If we ask an educated person in the Western world what he means by the word “man,” three irreconcilable ways of thinking are apt to come into conflict in his mind. The first is the Jewish-Christian tradition of Adam and Eve, including creation, paradise and fall. The second is the Greek tradition in which, for the first time, man’s self-consciousness raised him to a unique place on the grounds that he is endowed with “reason.”. . . The third idea is that of modern science and genetic psychology, which also has a tradition of its own. According to this view, man i

The Forbidden Tree and the Jinn: Myths or Messages?

An extract from my recent book The Forbidden Tree and the Jinn: A Modern Interpretation featured on Islamicity website: The Forbidden Tree and the Jinn: Myths or Messages?  

The Forbidden Tree and the Jinn: A Modern Interpretation

My recent book: The Forbidden Tree and the Jinn: A Modern Interpretation 

The Aether problem of our age

According to the mainstream explanation, the dark matter is one hypothetical particle or another that interacts with itself either very weakly or not all, and that does not have any way of dumping its energy to other physical entities to form aggregates, and that bizarrely seems to interact with matter only gravitationally (weak interaction is not totally ruled out).  There is no stronger indication of a crisis of  historic proportions  in physics today than the twin problems of dark matter and dark energy.  In an effort to "explain away" the  increasing  number of associated problematic observations, mainstream cosmologists and astrophysicists are digging their heels either in the mire of the so-called Lambda-CDM model of the universe or in proposing yet more "aethereal" explanations. In my opinion, these problems have become the "aether problem" of our age. Here is the latest example of this game: The common plane of orbit of satellite galaxies around th

Dark Energy and Dark Matter, A Unified Picture

Here is a short on why I think the Universe is rotating, based on my paper titled Dark Energy and Dark Matter As Inertial Effects, available at .

Centrifugal force demo

This is a computer simulation demo of the centrifugal force, which I claim is what is responsible for the so-called "dark energy."