Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Counterrevolution?

What has happened in Egypt with the Sissi coup, and what is happening now with the Qatar blockade is this: the Saudis, the UAE, and Egypt, with the backing/urging of certain Western powers and some Zionists, are pushing against the wave of change in the region.  

They also have their counterparts in Turkey.  They try very hard (including last year's coup attempt) to get the old (what I call the godforsaken) Turkey back.  

The latter recently organized a so-called "Justice March." These anti-Erdoganists consist of the CHP (Turkey's main opposition party),  the PKK supporters, and the Gulenist zombies. (Incidentally, it was Erdogan who has made sure the opposition protest march happens without any incident.  But they would not want to dwell on that.)

The said Turkish cabal also avidly supports Bashar Al Assad of Syria.  The CHP leader once said Turkey should send the 3 million Syrian refugees back to Syria, and that Turkey should play along with the other status quo actors in the region, the tremendous suffering of millions of people and the oppressed notwithstanding.  They unashamedly support an evil man such as Assad who caused the deaths of nearly half a million people and made millions more homeless and miserable, but call Erdogan, who accepted millions of refugees escaping the Assad and ISIS brutality to his country, a dictator.  Even this charitable act is enough by itself to make Erdogan a great man compared with his shameless detractors both in Turkey and abroad. 

Regrettably and paradoxically, the Western powers are strongly supporting the centers of status quo in the Middle East. 

However, I strongly believe that it is the status quo that the West wants so eagerly to keep in the Middle East that is at the root of extremism and backwardness. To get out of this, the Middle East should be allowed to come into its own. Turkey under Erdogan leadership is the only example I know trying hard to do that against the juggernaut of the Western establishment and their stooges in the region.